It appears you've somehow found your way into my private study. Well, while you're here I suppose you should make yourself at home. Shall I make you some tea? Try not to mind the frogs, by the way, I have no idea where they keep coming from. I'll do my best to make sure one doesn't get into yours.

I'm Arthur, though please just call me Arti!

CURRENT M!A: No more M!A's for now, sorry. I'm too lazy to stick to them lmao
Withered Lore

[epilepsy warning: flashing gif image under cut!]

The bloody hell is—

Oh that’s just wonderful, the power’s gone out! Damn this weather and old— wait a moment…

Something isn’t quite right, I… I feel— urk!

……………………………… eheheh………


[[I was originally going to add more to this but I’m already getting tired ohnooo!! Also, I DON’T THINK I DID HIM JUSTICE, I’M SO SORRY, NESSA!! ;____; (She was the one who originally thought this design/concept up, I’m just lucky she’s letting me use it aaah) I’ll do my best to make him look better and creepier in my next posts bdskjgfsd]]