It appears you've somehow found your way into my private study. Well, while you're here I suppose you should make yourself at home. Shall I make you some tea? Try not to mind the frogs, by the way, I have no idea where they keep coming from. I'll do my best to make sure one doesn't get into yours.

I'm Arthur, though some tend to refer to me as Artie, and other likes to slap a "2P" at the beginning of my name. You may ask anything you see fit.

CURRENT M!A: House is now very, very haunted
Withered Lore

[epilepsy warning: flashing gif image under cut!]

The bloody hell is—

Oh that’s just wonderful, the power’s gone out! Damn this weather and old— wait a moment…

Something isn’t quite right, I… I feel— urk!

……………………………… eheheh………


[[I was originally going to add more to this but I’m already getting tired ohnooo!! Also, I DON’T THINK I DID HIM JUSTICE, I’M SO SORRY, NESSA!! ;____; (She was the one who originally thought this design/concept up, I’m just lucky she’s letting me use it aaah) I’ll do my best to make him look better and creepier in my next posts bdskjgfsd]]